The Make Money Your Honey™ Academy Will Be Back Soon!

People want to work on their own terms and the market is ripe for companies hiring contractors. In June 2015, MSN published an article that announced the 9 to 5 job is officially dying. 53 million people are already self-employed in the U.S. (The Freelancer's Union) 1 in 3 millennials launch side-businesses (Young Entrepreneur Council) In 2012 more than a quarter of millennials were already self-employed. (U.S. Chamber of Commerce) 46% of millennials want to start their own business in the next 5 years. (Employers Insurance) 90% of millennials believe that being an entrepreneur is a mindset and not a role as business owner. (Millennial Branding / ODesk) What more proof do you need that we've entered a new world of work? The rules have changed, and if you don't learn how to play you'll be left out of the game. That's why I created the Make Money Your Honey Academy, a community of like-minded individuals and a wealth or resources where I have curated lessons on all the skills you need in this new world of work. We're planning on re-opening in January 2016. Put your name and email in the box below to get the a free sneak peek with the Quit Your Day Job Video Series. You'll also receive blogs and updates as we get closer to re-opening the Academy.

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