How to Find the Right Clients for You

There is one important lesson my boss has taught me over the last couple of years: You can't work with everybody. Subsequently, there is such a thing as an ideal client. One that you will enjoy working with, is cooperative and that you can actually help. Since starting my own coaching practice in 2012 I [...] Read more »

10 Lessons Learned from Two Years of Freelancing

It's been two years since I graduated from college. That's two years since running around Europe to "find myself". It's also been two years since I started freelancing as a means to make extra money. Last year, I wrote a post about the 20 lessons I had learned from freelancing for a year. It was [...] Read more »

Is Starting a Business After College a Good Idea?

This week we have a guest post from Think Entrepreneurship! The topic? The ever interesting (and sometimes controversial) notion of starting a business right after graduating from college. Hey, not all of us are meant to work in a cubicle, right? If you have doubts, can't make sense of your pros and cons list, or [...] Read more »

4 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid as a Newbie Freelancer

I started freelance writing shortly after graduating from college in order to make some extra money while I looked for a full time job. Obviously, like with most first-time freelancers I had absolutely no idea what I was doing - in fact, I only made five bucks my first month (and it was the automatic [...] Read more »