January Spotlight: HuffPost Live Recap + NeuYear Calendar Giveaway!

Hello loves! It's been a complete whirlwind of amazing things around these parts! Between my latest Lifehack article going live, my YouTube channel tripling in subscribers, blog coaching clients, creating my life coaching structure and getting ranked as one of the 20 Must Read Career Blogs for the Young Job Seeker by Under 30 Careers [...] Read more »

Special Message to GMW Readers from Wayward Nation

Hello loves! I've got an awesome treat for you all today - and I warn you there are lots of videos! A couple of days ago the fabulous duo behind the Gen Y documentary Wayward Nation reached out to me in order to spread the message about their film. I (shockingly) hadn't heard of this [...] Read more »

4 Reasons You Should Be Happy You’re Single

Up until recently I had been single for four years. Actually, if we want to get technical I hadn't even bothered with a genuine and sincere relationship since breaking up with my first boyfriend six years ago. Sure, there were boys here and there, a failed attempt at having a boyfriend and a major case [...] Read more »

Guest Post: Things I’ve Learned from Occupying my 20s

This week we have another awesome post from Jen Glantz of The Things I Learned From. Check it out and make sure to visit her blog for witty and insightful musings on millenial life. “Sometimes I just wanted to raise my hands and stop. But stop what? Maybe just growing up.”— Patti Smith I’ve put [...] Read more »

Q&A Monday: What books do you recommend for a college grad?

(If you are viewing this via email click here to watch the video.) I know first hand that when you are in the middle of a quarter life crisis things can seem kind of overwhelming. Between your parents hounding you over what you plan on doing with the rest of your life and your student [...] Read more »

GMW Video Interview: Life Without Growth with Justice Wordlaw IV

Ladies and gents I am so psyched to be sharing this video with you guys today! Justice Wordlaw IV, internet marketer extraordinaire and Gen Y enthusiast, and I finally got to do a video interview together! This has been a very long time in the making and I'm grateful we finally got to put an [...] Read more »

3 Career Lessons from Landing a Startup Job

Ever thought about working for a startup? Today’s guest post is from Annie Favreau, managing editor of Inside Jobs—a site that helps young people make career choices to build strong, successful futures. 3 Career Lessons from Landing a Startup Job It’s been almost a year since I landed by first real job. As a content [...] Read more »

Overcoming Fear: Lessons Learned From My Quarter Life Crisis

A common phenomenon that seems to be occurring among 20somethings is the Quarter Life Crisis. If you’ve been following the blog for a while then you may have begun to overcome yours already. If not, you may be in the middle of it. For some, this QLC manifests itself in the fear of personal and [...] Read more »

3 Ways to Overcome Gen Y Stereotypes

Today we have a lovely guest post from Graduate Jobs, an independent UK based website that both small and large organizations use to post their jobs for college grads. They also allow candidates to make profiles and search for jobs that match their background. Pretty nifty, right?  Jonathan is a recent Business & Management graduate [...] Read more »