Review: The Mint Manual – A Shortcut to Mastering and Saving Money with


Although I am a total Mint fan girl I've been majorly slacking in that department. Actually, while I'm still sticking to my savings plan, and I've got my ImpulseSave up and running, it's safe to say I've been slacking in the money department period (thank you Holiday shopping). That's why I was ecstatic to stumble [...] Read more »

5 Steps to Getting Your Finances In Order After College

It's that time of year again! Recent grads are pounding the pavement and making moves. I should know, we keep seeing them at my day job. While things are definitely looking up for the class of 2012 there's still something we all have to learn at some point - getting your money in shape. Yes, [...] Read more »

Feisty Fireball: Tips for Traveling Light (and Cheap)

Upon checking my bank account I realized that I didn't spend all that much money on my latest trip. In fact, I barely spent anything at all! Here I was worried that a trip would be a huge financial burden on the bank account when in reality all I really paid for was a plane [...] Read more »