January Spotlight: HuffPost Live Recap + NeuYear Calendar Giveaway!

Hello loves! It's been a complete whirlwind of amazing things around these parts! Between my latest Lifehack article going live, my YouTube channel tripling in subscribers, blog coaching clients, creating my life coaching structure and getting ranked as one of the 20 Must Read Career Blogs for the Young Job Seeker by Under 30 Careers [...] Read more »

3 Career Lessons from Landing a Startup Job

Ever thought about working for a startup? Today’s guest post is from Annie Favreau, managing editor of Inside Jobs—a site that helps young people make career choices to build strong, successful futures. 3 Career Lessons from Landing a Startup Job It’s been almost a year since I landed by first real job. As a content [...] Read more »

3 Ways to Overcome Gen Y Stereotypes

Today we have a lovely guest post from Graduate Jobs, an independent UK based website that both small and large organizations use to post their jobs for college grads. They also allow candidates to make profiles and search for jobs that match their background. Pretty nifty, right?  Jonathan is a recent Business & Management graduate [...] Read more »

Tips for a Tough Emotional Job Hunt

As someone who does countless screenings and interviews each week sometimes I get the joy (note sarcasm) of dealing with some very emotional people. Don't get me wrong, I understand that things aren't as easy as they used to be. I also understand that it's very easy to take rejection personally. But getting high and [...] Read more »