What’s Really Happening When Shit Hits the Fan

As you all know, all the material I get for Grad Meets World, my writing and my coaching programs comes from my own personal experience. If I’m going through something - whether it’s good or bad - I have no problem turning it into a message to help others. In the past you guys have [...] Read more »

Q&A Monday: What’s it like to be a life coaching client?


This week's Q&A comes from one of my assignments for my ICA certification. I figured it would actually be a great way to help those of you who are considering seeking out the help of a life coach. I can only speak from my own experience as a client, however I do feel like this can [...] Read more »

4 Steps to Getting Clear About Your Career


  Getting clear about your career is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. One of the biggest pet peeves I see as a recruiter and career consultant is people not knowing what they actually want to do. They know what they should do, they know what they’ve been told to [...] Read more »

Everything is Progress: How to Be Happy Where You Are

This is probably one of the more personal video blogs I've recorded - simply because it shows that I'm right there in the trenches with you guys. I'm still figuring out my finances on a daily basis. I'm still paving the way for my career. I'm still building the side hustling. I'm still clueless about [...] Read more »

Feisty Fireball: Honor Your Decisions & Celebrate Your Wins

Subscribe on YouTube! This week's post applies to anybody - whether your trying to run your own business, working a day job, getting healthy or going after some big goal. It's a two-pronged approach to addressing the anxiety that we deal with whenever we're not exactly where we want to be. Honor Your Decisions Miraculous [...] Read more »

4 Millenials that Will Help You Design Your Life – Millenial Mavericks Series Round-Up

          Ok, kiddies. We've come to the end of our Millenial Mavericks interview series - at least for now. I hope you all were as inspired as I was by interacting and talking with these amazing people. Below you'll find all the videos in one place for your convenience. Don't Forget [...] Read more »

6 Must Read Blog Posts to Help You With Your Career

Given that this week is focusing on loving your career as a Gen Y professional I figured I would create a list of cool stuff I've seen across the web. It's been a long time since I've compiled a list like this and I know many of you benefit from them If you haven't already [...] Read more »

4 Online Networking Tools for the Gen Y Professional

Out of all the career related posts I’ve written, I can’t think of one instance that was solely dedicated to networking. Sure, I’ve tipped my hat to it here and there, but I’ve never really delved into the idea of networking for the Gen Y professional. Once again things are different in the realm of [...] Read more »