Meditation Motivation: Tools for Starting Your Own Meditation Practice (Video)

I am a big advocate of meditation. It's made a tremendous difference in my life and that of many others. Most of you already know the benefits of meditation, but just in case you didn't here's a rundown from Mayo Clinic: The emotional benefits of meditation include: Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations Building [...] Read more »

Q&A Monday: How do you manage a full time job and a side hustle?

Still working the grind? Having a hard time keeping up with the side hustle? Check out my tips for managing a side hustle when you've got a full time job. If you are viewing this in an email click here to see the video. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more.  Read more »

4 Simple Changes to Boost Your Productivity

Today we have a guest post from Cait McNamee. She's a freelance writer, blogger and social media enthusiast based out of the UK. She also runs a personal style blog that by far has some of the cutest clothing I've ever seen. Check out her great tips on how to boost your productivity! 4 Simple [...] Read more »

How to Get Back in the Groove After a Break from Work

          The past couple of weeks have been rough for many of us - we all went back to work after a glorious break. Sure, we were refreshed and excited for a New Year, but the fact remains that it is very difficult to go back to work after a vacation. [...] Read more »